Save Our Children's Centres Hampshire

Please help us to save our SureStart Children's Centres and most importantly, Surestart's frontline staff in Hampshire, UK.

22,000 Hampshire residents have signed our paper petition so far. We now also have this petition. Please sign.

We aimed to raise awareness of the consultation process which finished EIGHT weeks after the budget was set! We succeeded.

Despite our very best efforts, Hampshire County Council have rubber stamped the decision to cut 35% of our SureStart budget.

We still feel that this is not a fair or legal consultation - we need to make our voice heard NOW!

Please contact your MP as a matter of urgency and ask them to lobby the Prime Minister to reinstate the ring-fence around the SureStart money.

Universal, inclusive, early intervention saves lives, supports families and helps us to be the best parents we can be, in our local community.

'Need' is not determined by financial situation, political persuasion, family make-up, marital status or ANY other measurable index. ANYONE can be in need. ALL families need support with parenting.

SOCC Hampshire campaigners hope to see genuine support and understanding for their campaign. Anyone with an excellent understanding of issues in their local community, should be able to identify that SureStart Centres are essential and as such should be supported by ALL local, county and national politicians, WHATEVER their political allegiance.


Thank you for your support,

Catherine Ovenden and Kate Reynolds
SOCC Hampshire Campaign Co-founders and Managers

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